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July 30, 2005

Motorola iRadio and Yahoo! Music Unlimited

Another article about the Yahoo! and Motorola iRadio match up. David Utter makes a few interesting comments about what it means for Yahoo!:

Yahoo may see iRadio as a way to extend the reach of its Music Unlimited service and garner more subscribers. The Music Unlimited service offers over 120 channels of preprogrammed commercial-free music, and the monthly price of the service is much less than satellite radio options Sirius or XM.

Marco Boerries, Yahoo! Connected Life SVP, expressed Yahoo! goal of going beyond desktop PCs and into mobile devices, homes, and automobiles.

One must wonder if Motorola would release a phone with both iRadio and Yahoo! Music Unlimited on it? Would the customer pay for iRadio and Music Unlimited separately? Why pay for iRadio, when the Yahoo! service is much cheaper? An interesting question, though neither company seems to have a problem with it...

July 29, 2005

Motorola Will Add Yahoo Web Services to iRadio Phones

Interesting announcement...Motorola will bundle in Yahoo! web services into phones containing iRadio. A smart move, since more than music may be needed to draw sales. (There seem to be many "music phones" entering the market this year.) From the LA Times:

Yahoo's services will be available on Motorola's phones, broadband-enabled products for the home and its upcoming iRadio device, which will allow users to play Internet radio stations and their own digital music.

Among other things, the agreement aims to have Motorola pre- install Yahoo's services on mobile handsets so carriers and consumers have no need to download or add the services later.

More Motorola-Yahoo RoundUp

TechWhack gives a little more info on Yahoo! content availability in Mototola's iRadio service:

Motorola mobile users would now have easy access to the various Yahoo! services on their Linux powered mobile devices and other high-speed Internet products, including iRadio. iRadio would allow the users to play Internet radio channels and the user’s personal digital music collection and is expected to be released later this year.


July 28, 2005

Motorola iRadio and Yahoo!

You can read all about the Motorola and Yahoo! relationship in the official press release.

Motorola and Yahoo Partner Up

Now this is quite interesting -- Yahoo and Motorola are partnering up in the wireless music space:

Mobile phone maker Motorola and internet search engine operator Yahoo! say they are teaming up to offer Yahoo!'s online content and services on mobile devices made by Motorola, including the company's upcoming iRadio product.

Users will be able to access Yahoo!'s offerings on Motorola's Linux-based mobile devices and other high-speed internet products, including iRadio, a new device that can play internet radio channels and the user's personal digital music collection.

It will be interesting to see how Yahoo! content is delivered on iRadio enabled phones.

July 26, 2005

Motorola Testing iRadio in Chicago and Los Angeles

Motorola is testing iRadio now, and plans to launch it at the end of the year. According to Web India:

iRadio subscribers would be able to select six commercial-free downloads from hundreds of radio channels available on the Internet. Both the phone and the vehicle radio have to be Bluetooth-enabled so that the system operates wirelessly. It can also play mp3 music files.

A professionally installed Bluetooth adapter costs between $50 and $70 and the iRadio service would cost $5 to $7 a month.

Sigh. I wish I could be one of the testers... ;)

July 23, 2005

iRadio For iPod...Not Motorola!

I was a tad shocked to learn about an iRadio unit made for the iPod, until I read a little more deeply:

iPodworld in the UK is about to started selling the iRadio, a bolt on FM transmitter and receiver for your iPod.

The iRadio promises to remember your favourite five radio stations and the top five clear frequencies you broadcast.

No, this has nothing at all to do with Motorola's iRadio service.

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