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July 24, 2006

Motorola to Load Yahoo! Go for Mobile on Mobile Devices

Motorola and Yahoo have announced an expansion of their agreement from last year which originally included iRadio.  They will be adding Yahoo! Go for Mobile to millions of Motorola phones during the first half of 2007. Yahoo! Go for Mobile includes Yahoo Mail, search, address book and Yahoo Local.    Interesting.

Great thoughts at CIO about the customer tug of war between handset makers and operators taking place with all the deals being announced.

July 18, 2006

iRadio Sightings

I was sniffing about for hints regarding iRadio's whereabouts...and noticed this press release regarding the Third Motorola China Technology Symposium.  And looky here:

In three years, Early Stage Accelerator (ESA) has played a significant role in developing the following technologies: wireless security services for carrier and enterprise networks, carbon nanotubes in nano emissive displays, broadband over powerline, iradio, neurfon self-organizing sensors networks.

Hey, a mention.  A brief one.  The "R" isn't capitalized.  Hm.  The search continues...

July 10, 2006

Moto Q Wiki Launched by Motorola

Motorola is doing a nice job of connecting with the open source/web 2.0 enthusiasts with this well as making a very smart move.  They're creating a Moto Q Wiki to "..capture and share the ever-growing knowledge of the great coummunity of Q users."  Pretty cool.

Does iRadio have a wiki?  Yes, it does, but it's farely bare.  In fact, no news of iRadio has been heard for some time.  Perhaps V Cast, XM mobile, and Sirius mobile options have made the Motorola team rethink their their it too late?

(via MSMobiles

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