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October 17, 2006

iRadio Product Manager Shoots the Breeze

Grid7 VentureCast, a podcast focusing on entrepreneurs living in Arizona,  interviewed Sr. iRadio Product Manager LaSean Smith about his past exploits at, business school, the music industry, and elsewhere.  Check it out if you're interested in learning more about the Motorola iRadio team.

October 10, 2006

More Motorola iRadio News From Dave Ulmer

At an interview at the Digital Music Forum West in Hollywood, Dave Ulmer revealed some interesting new facts about Motorola iRadio:

  • Pricing: The price is currently estimated to be around $7-10, up from earlier estimations of $5-7 a year ago.
  • Installing iRadio: Users will download iRadio software to a PC with Windows XP.  Can manage separate playlists from music repositories.
  • How it Works: Phones will synchronize with music collections via a USB connection, and can then transmit the music via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-enabled stereosystems.
  • Station Count: More than 800 commercial-free radio stations are now available through Motorola iRadio.
  • Which Phones?  Currently, iRadio is only on three phone models, though more are coming.
  • Next Album Leak of the Week: The weekly album leak started with Monica last week, and will continue with Rod Stewart's album next week.
  • Launch Date:  Last but not least, what about the launch date?  Motorola iRadio is currently being tested in several US cities, but could officially roll out early next year, according to Dave Ulmer.

October 09, 2006

Motorola iRadio Digs Into Public Radio

Motorola announced today that music programming from NPR, American Public Media, and Public Radio International (PRI) will be made available on iRadio. Included in the programming are NPR shows Story of the Day, NPR Shuffle, and All Songs Considered; American Public Media's Marketplace, The Splendid Table and The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor; and PRI's The World, Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, and Open Source.

Jeff Stinson, Senior Director of Business Development at Motorola Digital Media Services, said:

Motorola iRadio shares the public radio system's mission to offer Americans high quality audio content that is meaningful and relevant to their lives. We are pleased to build on listeners' enjoyment of their local public radio stations by bringing this strong slate of content to their mobile phones.

Motorola iRadio has really amassed quite a repository of content over the last year, including music from five major record labels, several indie labels, and news and talk shows from The Associated Press, AccuWeather, and Taldia local news and national paper programs.

I'm impressed. I'm also very pleased -- my wife and I love NPR, especially All Songs Considered and All Things Considered. Way to go, Moto.

October 05, 2006

Future of Radio at the Digital Music Forum

The future of radio was discussed by a panel of digital radio luminaries within the industry at the Digital Music Forum, including Dave Ulmer of Motorola, recently.  Digital Media Wire has a nice summary of the discussions here, in case you're interested.

October 03, 2006

iRadio Album Leaks and iRadio Availability Update

I learned more about the iRadio "Leak of the Week" program and the availability of iRadio to the general public from Dave Ulmer, Director of Marketing at Digital Media Services:

Our consumer and carrier trials have been expanding gradually and are no longer limited to  just 4 US cities - they stretch nationwide and globally across geographies  and demographics as our trials continue to grow.  So, for now, our consumer and carrier participants will be in for a treat each week as a new pre-release album is leaked.  ...  We're continually adding trial participants as we head to a broader  launch - within the US and other geographic regions. sounds like iRadio trials are actually taking place outside the US as well.  Here's to hoping they visit Westchester County soon...

October 02, 2006

iRadio Leaks J/Arista Records Album Before Release Date

iRadio Leaks Monica album...Motorola kicked off a "Leak of the Week" program (that's my name, not theirs) by making several songs from J/Arista Records artist Monica's upcoming album available for listening through iRadio. Listeners will be able to play "Everytime Tha I Beat Drop" on an iRadio-enabled mobile phone, along with several other songs, from the album Making of Me, through the SonyBMG iRadio music channel.

Album leaks can be a great way to generate buzz about an artist or a new music service.  In this case, the music is only being released a day ahead of the album release date (which is tomorrow).  By the time most people will find out about it, the album will already be in stores, and the effect is somewhat anti-climatic.  Still, there is PR and buzz to be gained all around, and it's a good move.  And for listeners, it's an easy way to check out a new album before shelling out the change.

"How do I get in on the leak" you ask?  It's my understanding that only iRadio customers have access to the deal, so unless there's an iRadio trial in your town, you'll have to wait.  I'm looking to confirm that now...

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