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September 23, 2006

iRadio Mentions in Clear Channel Articles

iRadio hasn't appeared in a press release in some fact, about the only appearance it makes here and there is in Clear Channel press releases.  For example, in an article discussing Clear Channel's new live, streaming radio deal, the article read:

"Clear Channel is already providing white label programming for Motorola's iRadio service, but that is more of a time-shifted radio model rather than a live..."

Or, in the "About" section of every Clear Channel press release:

...The company's content can be heard on AM/FM stations, HD digital radio channels, on the Internet, via iPods, through Motorola's iRadio cell-phone service, and via mobile-navigation devices from Cobra, Garmin, Kenwood and others.

That's not a terrible thing, since the last few launch dates announced never quite materialized beyond the four test market cities.  One can only hope...  (Though it's September, and still no buzz about a Christmas launch.  Hey, there's always Playstation 3, right?)

April 21, 2006

Clear Channel Struggling to Clean Up Its Image

Clear ChannelThere's a decent article in Business Week about how Clear Channel is trying to improve its image with niche channels such as Dank, Full Metal Racket, and Mother Trucker (Hip Hop and Rock, Heavy Metal, and Southern Rock).  It's all part of the move to HD radio, which allows individual stations to offer side-channels of focused genres.

It's going to be an uphill climb.  The hatred that spawned is tough to erase.  $200 HD radios are too expensive to warrant trials by non-music-geek listeners. Clear Channel's content was not compelling enough or sufficiently in demand to prevent XM Canada from dropping all four Clear Channel's channels in response to mandated commercial spots.

iRadio will only benefit from the programming battles, as content providers look for new distribution channels for their content.

March 15, 2006

XM Is No Longer 100% Commercial Free

XM Satellite Radio and Clear Channel had been locked in arbitration for some time on the issue: XM wanted to stay commercial-free, while Clear Channel, one of XM's investors, demanded that commercials be inserted into its four shows on XM:  Sunny, KISS, MIX, and Nashville.  The arbitration panel recently sided with Clear Channnel.

The community backlash has been huge.  In response, XM smartly decided to add four new, commercial-free channels, to offset (and compete with?) the sponsored ones.

I hope (and believe it is the case) that any Clear Channel content on iRadio will be commercial-free.  Keeping iRadio ad-free will be important for "commercial free" bragging rights and for positioning against terrestrial radio.  Either way, iRadio's huge number of stations (over 600) will certainly be a nice selling point.

March 03, 2006

iRadio a Channel for Clear Channel

It looks like Clear Channel is listing iRadio as a pillar distribution channel partner in its press releases.  I just happened to notice this one, where the "About Clear Channel Radio" section mentions iRadio:

The company's content can be heard on AM/FM stations, on the Internet, via iPods, through Motorola's iRadio cell-phone service, and via mobile-navigation devices from Cobra, Garmin, Kenwood and others.

It's kind of an odd description, isn't it?  Listing networks, stations, and even devices that play Clear Channel programming?  They're trying to demonstrate a multi-channel strategy, supposedly.  Motorola, not quite as desperate, has yet to formally announce the relationship.

January 24, 2006

Clear Channel Hints at iRadio Hook-Up

John Hogan, President and CEO of Clear Channel, said, 'Radio has undergone many changes in recent weeks, including the syncing of cell phones with Motorola's iRadio service that serves up content from Clear Channel.'

Funny.  This isn't the first time a content partnership between Clear Channel and Motorola iRadio was mentioned, though an official announcement has yet to be released.  Clear Channel's board must be swetting bullets over alternative radio options such as satellite radio and Motorola iRadio, thinking, "..if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em."

What kind of content will CC provide, and will commercials be included?  Commercials generate revenue, but will also divert iRadio listeners to other, commercial-free channels...

December 01, 2005

Clear Channel Joins the Mobile Radio Race

Clear Channel announced plans to offer mobile radio services as early as 2006. The service would deliver information such as weather and traffic updates, initially -- no mention of music yet, though that's sure to follow.

It will be interesting to see if Clear Channel mobile will charge for the service or not -- 'big' radio is currently waging a huge advertising war against satellite radio with the slogan, "You shouldn't have to pay for radio."

iRadio, Sirius, XM...Clear Channel has got a looong road ahead!

(via MocoNews)

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