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The iRadio Get Heard Network website is now live! Dave Ulmer, director of marketing for Motorola Media Solutions, told VH1 about the site launch in a clip that was aired on Sunday. (See pictures of VH1 interviewing Dave at Music Player Live! here).

The iRadio Get Heard Network website looks quite good, actually. It includes demos explaining the scoop to indie artists, indie labels, and webcasters that are thinking about joining, as well as general iRadio info. Get Heard Network participants can apply to the Get Heard Network, to eventually create their own "radio programs".

iRadio network members will be able to:
* Create radio programs
* Reach a national audience
* Add programming constantly, even via phone
* Track when stations are being played, how many people are listening
* Earn money through web royalties, as well as CD and download sales
* Participation is free

Again, I must say, this is pretty cool stuff. Motorola is simultaneously building out a word-of-mouth marketing force along with a content-generating community through the Get Heard Network. By the time iRadio launches in January, Motorola could very well have several pieces of the pie in place to launch a successful music service.

(I may apply myself, perhaps...)

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