Get Heard Network To Be Self Serve

Independent artists, DJs, and labels continue to await the launch of the Get Heard Network, the network of listener-created audio shows to be offered exclusively through iRadio alongside professional programming.  No official launch date exists yet.

An insider explained that Motorola initially thought the Get Heard Network would provide the bulk of content available on iRadio at launch.  However, major content providers rushed to contribute to iRadio so quickly, that that may no longer be the case.

Hopefully, this will not deter Motorola in any way from properly launching the Get Heard Network.  It’s one of the service’s “coolest” features that differentiates it from Sirius, XM, and other radio services.  It also creates a self-perpetuating word-of-mouth marketing tool that can only help iRadio.  I'm definitely looking forward to its launch.

As to starting an iRadio Waves Get Heard Network channel...well, that might get a little silly. That would be like, um, starting a podcast about podcasting.  Oh wait.  That's what Adam Curry does...

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