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August 16, 2006

The iRadio Get Heard Network Newsletter

I thought I'd post the contents of the Get Heard Network newsletter in case you want to check it out, but don't feel like signing up for it.  Hopefully, the HTML won't complete screw up the site.  The email is from shopmotorola[at] (Are the email lists shared with Moto's online store mailing list?)  Anyway, here it is:

We know, we know, we never write, we never call. But we’ve been busy working on the service that can provide you with access to a nationwide audience of music and talk fans — Get Heard Network. In fact, our launch is just around the corner and it’s time for you to get ready to participate.
Any musician, independent label or podcaster with something to play, sing or say. That is…as long as you own the rights to the programming. No taking credit for other people’s work allowed.
When you join you will be creating your own radio station. Stations should be at least 3 hours in length and updated frequently, at least weekly, to keep your audience interested. You may want to get a jump on things by familiarizing yourself with audio encoding, RSS and XSPF. However, we know you want to focus on the music so details on how to publish your station will be provided soon, along with a list of companies that can help you get up and running without coughing up too much coin.
Oh, sure, now we’ve got your attention. It’s true, as a member of Get Heard Network you get paid for your broadcast. We make payments directly to SoundExchange and publishing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, which in turn pay you. The current statutory rate is $.007 cents per play. That’s unlike traditional AM/FM radio which pays zilch to SoundExchange artists and labels. So make sure you’ve registered with SoundExchange and your preferred publishing rights organizations.
Spice up the listening experience for your fans by including interviews with the band, behind-the-scenes stories and exclusive tracks. But don’t just take our suggestions, you’re creative types, use your imagination and make great radio.
Keep your eyes on your inbox for our next newsletter, loaded with info on technical allies, breaking iRadio news, and answers to common questions.

Get Heard Network Newsletter Preps for Launch

Jimminy-kricket!  Another taste of iRadio launch-like action on the part of Motorola.  Motorola finally sent out its first-ever Get Heard Network newsletter to people (bands, label owners, talk show DJs, etc) who signed up to create iRadio "radio stations", as far back as November of last year.  But hey, at least it's out.

Some interesting points from the email:

  • DJs are recommended to be familiar with, "audio encoding, RSS and XSPF" and have at least three hours of programming prepared.  Yikes.
  • DJs will be paid $.007 cents per listen for their programs.  Cool.
  • Start-up is free.

Pretty cool.  More info at iRadio Get Heard Network.

February 13, 2006

Get Heard Network To Be Self Serve

Independent artists, DJs, and labels continue to await the launch of the Get Heard Network, the network of listener-created audio shows to be offered exclusively through iRadio alongside professional programming.  No official launch date exists yet.

An insider explained that Motorola initially thought the Get Heard Network would provide the bulk of content available on iRadio at launch.  However, major content providers rushed to contribute to iRadio so quickly, that that may no longer be the case.

Hopefully, this will not deter Motorola in any way from properly launching the Get Heard Network.  It’s one of the service’s “coolest” features that differentiates it from Sirius, XM, and other radio services.  It also creates a self-perpetuating word-of-mouth marketing tool that can only help iRadio.  I'm definitely looking forward to its launch.

As to starting an iRadio Waves Get Heard Network channel...well, that might get a little silly. That would be like, um, starting a podcast about podcasting.  Oh wait.  That's what Adam Curry does...

December 23, 2005

Motorola iRadio Explains All on MySpace

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out iRadio's MySpace site, which gives more detail about the upcoming iRadio Get Heard Network not provided at the official site, such as:

iRadio channel minimum requirements: " / talk has to be at least 3 hours in length (to play in a continuous loop 24-7) and meet a level of quality (not in content, but in technical production)."
* a "hat tip" to the band Cancel for providing inspiration for the Get Heard Network
* a ripping apart of satellite, AM, and FM radio
* a "preferential treatment" offer to artists making iRadio one of their Top 8 MySpace Friends
* a mention that Europe will follow America as a target audience for iRadio

The excessive use of smiley's in the blog is balanced by the rockin, professionally-produced video footage of iRadio at the Music Player Live conference.  I.e. this site is a peak into Motorola iRadio's voice, vision, and sure to keep an eye on it.

November 08, 2005

Get Heard Network Now Live


The iRadio Get Heard Network website is now live! Dave Ulmer, director of marketing for Motorola Media Solutions, told VH1 about the site launch in a clip that was aired on Sunday. (See pictures of VH1 interviewing Dave at Music Player Live! here).

The iRadio Get Heard Network website looks quite good, actually. It includes demos explaining the scoop to indie artists, indie labels, and webcasters that are thinking about joining, as well as general iRadio info. Get Heard Network participants can apply to the Get Heard Network, to eventually create their own "radio programs".

iRadio network members will be able to:
* Create radio programs
* Reach a national audience
* Add programming constantly, even via phone
* Track when stations are being played, how many people are listening
* Earn money through web royalties, as well as CD and download sales
* Participation is free

Again, I must say, this is pretty cool stuff. Motorola is simultaneously building out a word-of-mouth marketing force along with a content-generating community through the Get Heard Network. By the time iRadio launches in January, Motorola could very well have several pieces of the pie in place to launch a successful music service.

(I may apply myself, perhaps...)

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