Howard Stern Returns to Terrestrial Radio!

Howard Stern returns to FM RadioThat's right, Howard Stern is invading FM radio once again, though surprisingly, he's sticking mostly with Christian radio stations and non-commercial radio.

Well, ok, it's not just Stern.  And it's not even on purpose.  But apparently it's a recognized phenomenon where satellite radio is bleeding into lower frequency FM radio stations (between 88.1 and 89.9 FM).  This happens when a motorist's after market satellite radio receiver transmits satellite radio signals to a car stereo at a certain frequency.  If a car in the next lane happens to be listening to that same frequency...well, a Jars of Clay jam may be interrupted by Stern's voice yelling, "Show me your bre#sts!!"

NPR is currently in discussion with XM and Sirius to solve the problem...there are more complaints on this matter than you'd expect.  More on the phenomenon at Billboard Radio Monitor

The same problem can also be caused by Mp3 players using transmitters to send music to car stereos.  In effect, anyone one carrying an FM-enabled iPod is running a mobile, pirate radio station.

I love the idea of making cars around me listen to what _I_ want them to listen to.  Maybe Wesley Willis?  Or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy audio book set?  Broo-ha-ha-haaaa!!!

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