iRadio a Channel for Clear Channel

It looks like Clear Channel is listing iRadio as a pillar distribution channel partner in its press releases.  I just happened to notice this one, where the "About Clear Channel Radio" section mentions iRadio:

The company's content can be heard on AM/FM stations, on the Internet, via iPods, through Motorola's iRadio cell-phone service, and via mobile-navigation devices from Cobra, Garmin, Kenwood and others.

It's kind of an odd description, isn't it?  Listing networks, stations, and even devices that play Clear Channel programming?  They're trying to demonstrate a multi-channel strategy, supposedly.  Motorola, not quite as desperate, has yet to formally announce the relationship.

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booooooo! I dont get it. What's the point of adding on FM radio channels to iRadio when one of the purposes of having iRadio is to get rid of / break down barriers and to COMPETE against such monopolized media giants such as Clear Channel. This totally goes against what I was hoping for. I think Clear Channel is so desparate to cling on to what they have so instead of competing against Motorola, Clear Channel is just trying to suck up and cling on to the iRadio Network because Clear Channel knows that they really have no choice. I say no choice because their programming and stations are plummeting. I know here in Chicago people are really annoyed now that hip hop/rap has been over done here. And we have 5 stations that have similar music. I thought iRadio was suppose to give people the benefits that Clear Channel can not provide. Plus I see this as a huge step backward. Not to mention that one of the Motorola phones has FM radio? Is this to please Clear Channel? Why would a consumer want to hear crappy signals of FM/AM radio on a phone? My $0.02

Julio, I have to admit, signing on Clear Channel definitely dilutes the "anti-radio" message iRadio communicates on its various websites. Hopefully, iRadio will balance this offering with other compelling content. Perhaps BlueBeat will provide 'deep' tracks and playlists not available through Clear Channel?

I'm still unsure as to how different/similar the CC programming will be to its AM/FM programming...will commercials remain intact? If so, I can't imagine listeners listening to CC content with commercial free stations available.

We'll see what happens...


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