iRadio Leaks J/Arista Records Album Before Release Date

iRadio Leaks Monica album...Motorola kicked off a "Leak of the Week" program (that's my name, not theirs) by making several songs from J/Arista Records artist Monica's upcoming album available for listening through iRadio. Listeners will be able to play "Everytime Tha I Beat Drop" on an iRadio-enabled mobile phone, along with several other songs, from the album Making of Me, through the SonyBMG iRadio music channel.

Album leaks can be a great way to generate buzz about an artist or a new music service.  In this case, the music is only being released a day ahead of the album release date (which is tomorrow).  By the time most people will find out about it, the album will already be in stores, and the effect is somewhat anti-climatic.  Still, there is PR and buzz to be gained all around, and it's a good move.  And for listeners, it's an easy way to check out a new album before shelling out the change.

"How do I get in on the leak" you ask?  It's my understanding that only iRadio customers have access to the deal, so unless there's an iRadio trial in your town, you'll have to wait.  I'm looking to confirm that now...

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