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August 23, 2006

iRadio Wants a Server Development Software Engineer

Hey all you music-loving, server development software engineers -- this job's got your name alllll over it.  Candidates that are turned on by cacti and the color orange will be especially excited by the Phoenix location.  From the description:

iRadio Principal Staff Software Engineer -- Server Development

"... Develops software framework, create new features and enhancements to the server in the domains of: secure music distribution, heterogeneous multimedia codecs, play-list synchronization, digital content metadata management, service discovery, transaction billing, data mining, authorization/authentication and wireless LAN interfaces. ..."

The job description has a very high "meaningless-acronym to words-I-understand" ratio.  Beware non-techies.

May 01, 2006

iRadio Needs a Product Marketing Specialist

If you're in Arizona, know the music industry, and love mobile technology, here's your chance to jump on the Motorola iRadio bandwagon.  They're hiring an iRadio Product Marketing Specialist.  The Moto-newbie will work on:

...creation of marketing deliverables for product launches, positioning and messaging content for collateral, presentations, websites, tradeshow requirements, and sales tools.  ...

Must have some experience in advertising, direct and retail promotions, web-based promotions, PR, tradeshows, events, and various approaches to guerilla marketing.

Sounds like fun.  If only they were located in Westchester County...

April 17, 2006

iRadio Looking For A Web Designer/Developer

Greetings!  Having returned from a brief job search hiatus, I am now looking to catch up on some Motorola iRadio news. To kick it off, it seemed appropriate to start with something near and dear to my heart: a job opportunity.

Motorola is looking for an iRadio Web Designer/Developer:

This position offers a unique opportunity to assist in the development of internal and external (consumer) web sites and interfaces for iRadio.

Work with other members of the iRadio team (engineering, business development, marketing) to develop solutions to a variety of design-related projects.

The candidate should know HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, ClearCase, and all that good stuff.  "Familiarity with weblogs" is also a plus.  See?  Reading iRadio Waves is GOOD FOR YOUR CAREER.

So, it looks like Motorola is getting even closer to launch...either that, or they're behind schedule, and are hence looking for more people to build it.  Check out the full job details here

February 08, 2006

iRadio to Play TV Audio?

For kicks, I Googled the keyword phrase "iRadio job," and found an employment ad for an iRadio web designer/developer.  What I thought was kind of interesting was this little piece about "time-slipped radio/TV audio":

• Time-slipped & buffered audio – record & store radio/TV audio and play it back at a scheduled time or on-demand. The audio might originate from Satellite radio, AM/FM broadcast, Internet or Cable TV. Imagine listening to your favorite radio/TV show when & where you want to . . . not when it happens to be broadcast!

I'm guessing that initially, the Cable TV portion will consist of MusicChoice music channels and the like.  But is Motorola planning to expand the offering to, say, (egad) Desperate Housewives audio?  (actually, that's not cable, is it)  I'm also interested in the mention of Satellite Radio...  Is it possible Motorola will announce a partnership with Sirius or XM down the road?

I also noticed under "desired Secondary Skills":  "• Familiarity with weblogs."  Does Motorola have the entire iRadio team blogging about their exploits?  :)  Or perhaps, they plan to do something similar to what Microsoft does, where engineers are encouraged to blog about updates, bug fixes, software features, etc.  Interesting...

I'll include the entire job ad below, for any web developers out there...  It's actually an interesting read, especially the part that describes iRadio.  See the "three key capabilities" section, i.e. Time-Slipped & Buffered Radio, Pause-Resume, and Push-To-Buy.

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