Is it Motorola iRadio? No, it's Torian iRoamer

Torian Infusion Wireless Internet Radio PlayerTorian's iRoamer service, a portable Internet radio technology, will offer a service similar to Motorola iRadio. The Torian Infusion, a prototype device incorporating iRoamer Internet radio, includes features such as Internet radio, timer recording, mp3 player, FM receiver, news/sport/weather ticker-tape banner, and more.

According to Geekzone, Torian:

..aims to license iRoamer Technology to manufacturers of existing products such as home theare/stereo systems, portable radios, high-capacity mp3 players, stereo amplifiers, car radios, mobile phones, televisions and DVD players.

With Motorola iRadio generating so much buzz, I wouldn't be surprised several manufacturers jump at the chance to offer a competing product with iRoamer technology. It will be interesting to see if iRoamer will integrate its wireless LAN technology with mobile networks in cell phones to make the service available outside of WiFi hotspots.

Motorola iRadio clearly has a jumpstart in the wireless internet radio space, with manufacturing channels in place, and discussion in progress with major radio providers.

(Thanks to Tod at iloveradio for finding the article)

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