Mobile Radio: iRadio, Sirius, MSpot, Rhapsody Review

Sue Marek at WirelessWeek takes a look at some of the big mobile music offerings including Motorola iRadio, Sirius Satellite Radio, MSpot Radio, and Rhapsody To Go. Different players are touting different value propositions:

Motorola iRadio: Technology Innovation
Paul Alfieri, Motorola spokesman: iRadio links music discovery to acquisition on the mobile handset.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Content
Jim Collins, Sirius spokesman: "Content and programming will drive this business. Our retention rates are high."

MSpot Radio: Integrated Offering
Daren Tsui, CEO: “We want to leverage wireless with the online and tie it together."

Drew Hull, research director of mobile content at NPD Research, talked about Motorola iRadio: “Hull says the Motorola solution is a step in the right direction because it encourages consumers to build their personal music collection and incorporates many different elements such as streaming music, downloading and purchasing.”

Indeed, Motorola is covering a lot of ground with its solution, both in mobile music delivery (streaming, downloading, purchasing) and experience (car stereos, mobile phones, home stereos). It’s an impressive platform, but a complex one. Successfully communicating that message to customers will be one of their biggest challenges when launching iRadio.

(via MocoNews)

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