MocoNews Interviews Dave Ulmer about Motorola iRadio

Hot diggity!  iRadio has in fact NOT fallen off of Motorola's product launch schedule.  Peggy Salz over at MocoNews interviewed Dave Ulmer about iRadio mobile content in general, and Motorola's plans for the space.

Some interesting takeaways:

Launch Date:  None given!  (Sigh.)  Dave only said that iRadio will be launched city-by-city.  It's currently being tested in DC, LA, Chicago and Phoenix.  (Note: That's only one more city than was being tested roughly a year ago.)

Carriers:  A major carrier is testing iRadio, and another is in the queue.  (Perhaps Cingular?)

Recommendation Engine:  Motorola's plan is to use an Amazon-like recommendation engine (suggestions based on what other listeners like) as opposed to a machine-engine (i.e. Pandora).  Dave spoke a TON about the long tail of talk radio, making comparisons with the user-generated contetn communities such as YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook.

Announcements:  Motorola will be announcing relationships with several "3-letter" networks over the next 90 days.

So, iRadio Waves has awoken from a deep slumber...  Check out an expanded summary of the interview, or listen to the entire 25-minute clip at MocoNews here.

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