May 11, 2006

MOTOMoments Launches Photo Contests

Motorola's MOTOmoments for pics and videosMOTOMoments looks like an attempt to create a media sharing community around Motorola phones.  Users can upload pics and movies to be seen by the adoring public.  In addition, contests are going on...however, the participation level doesn't seem very high yet.  The current contest challenges users to submit photos relating to SPEED.  At this time, there are only 5 submissions:

  • A motor boat.  (Ok, that fits the theme.)
  • Another motor boat.  (Yup, that fits too.)
  • A dog's head.  (Hm, it's not moving.)
  • A blurry shot of some guy looking into the camera. (Is it just a bad photo, or is he about to tackle the photographer?  If it's the latter, it's close to matching the theme.)
  • A bird's nest.   (There's nothing speedy about a stationary nest.)

Maybe Motorola needs to target smarter consumers...  If only I had a camera phone, I could sweep this contest and win a Motorola V3x phone!!

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