Motorola iRadio Announced at DEMO@15 Tradeshow

Motorola iRadio AnnouncementInternet broadcasters rejoice! Internet radio listeners shout out! Mp3 player aficienados be glad! Cell phone addicts, get your fix! iPod, Sirius, and XM, watch out.

The Motorola iRadio service combines the experiences of internet radio stations, mp3 players, Bluetooth technology, and cellular phones into one portable device that allows you to listen to music anywhere, any time. Users can enjoy uninterrupted music while driving, jogging, or relaxing at home.

On negative -- unfortunately, it will only be available later in the year.

Motorola presented its iRadio service at the annual DEMO@15 Tradeshow, where new and exciting consumer electronics are demoed to a select group of press and media.

As a huge fan of internet radio and mp3 portability, this one device seems to cure many of the pain points associated with portable music. Motorola iRadio allows users to listen to their own music, in tandem with ever-changing internet radio playlists.

Sign me up.

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