Motorola iRadio Explains All on MySpace

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out iRadio's MySpace site, which gives more detail about the upcoming iRadio Get Heard Network not provided at the official site, such as:

iRadio channel minimum requirements: " / talk has to be at least 3 hours in length (to play in a continuous loop 24-7) and meet a level of quality (not in content, but in technical production)."
* a "hat tip" to the band Cancel for providing inspiration for the Get Heard Network
* a ripping apart of satellite, AM, and FM radio
* a "preferential treatment" offer to artists making iRadio one of their Top 8 MySpace Friends
* a mention that Europe will follow America as a target audience for iRadio

The excessive use of smiley's in the blog is balanced by the rockin, professionally-produced video footage of iRadio at the Music Player Live conference.  I.e. this site is a peak into Motorola iRadio's voice, vision, and sure to keep an eye on it.

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How will our cell phone companies be adjusting to this? Will our rates to the phone company go up if we have iradio, or do we just pay for the phone? And do will we have to pay iradio in addition to the phone company? Or just one or the other?

Great question, Jenny. Actually, Motorola iRadio recently added a tutorial that answers the question. You will first need to buy a cell phone that supports iRadio. Then, you will need to have it "turned on", which will cost $5-7 per month. So in other words, yes, there is an additional cost associated with iRadio. More info here:

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