Motorola iRadio Launch

With CES 2006 only a few days away, iRadio is on the verge to launch.  I've learned that a big press release tomorrow will give details ragarding the new service, as well as a few other interesting announcements.  For example:

Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Billy Bob Thornton, will be contributing to a CSN and an independent artist channel channel, respectively.

The ROKR E2 will be iRadio-compatable, as well as 5 other phones to be demoed at CES.

Motorola iRadio will launch with 435 commercial-free radio channels.  Lookout Sirius and XM.

Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, and Kenwood are all manufacturing Bluetooh accessories for iRadio.

More soon, once CES begins...  Who says Christmas is over?  :)

UPDATE:  More info here at Yahoo and Engadget.  And here's the official press release.

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