Motorola iRadio Product Description From DEMO@15

Motorola iRadio at DEMO@15Below is the text from Motorola's iRadio demonstation site used for the DEMO@15 tradeshow:

Motorola, Inc.


Consumer hardware


Traditional broadcast radio. Nokia, Samsung, LG

Motorola’s iRadio service provides hundreds of commercial-free music and talk radio channels, plus your home MP3 collection, where you want to listen to it: your existing car stereo. You can even access the same channels on your mobile phone, home stereo or PC. It’s the content you want, where and when you want it - at home, in your car and on the go.

According to IDC, over 80% of all music listening takes place on the radio and 89% of radio listening occurs in the car. New rich listening choices are available on the Internet, but tie consumers to their home PC. Three percent of consumers have looked to satellite radio, but 97% of consumers still seek a low cost, mobile alternative to traditional radio.

“Watch out iPod; stand back Sirius Radio. Motorola has tapped pockets of expertise across the company to create an incredible new digital media experience. Motorola’s iRadio delivers your music, plus hundreds of channels of commercial free audio, to your mobile phone and your car radio. This unique approach blends the best of the downloadable MP3 and satellite radio models and demonstrates the role the mobile phone can play as a “remote control” for your media.”

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