Motorola iRadio To Announce Exclusive Artist Channels

The new LeAnn Rimes iRadio Channel...Motorola iRadio will launch 8 iRadio Artist Channels featuring Universal Music Group artists, including LeAnn Rimes and Trish Yearwood, according to an inside source. The announcement will take place at this week's DEMX 2005 conference.

In doing so, Motorola iRadio will enter the name game war waged between Sirius and XM satellite radio. XM has armed itself with Opie and Anthony, and Sirius with Howard Stern, plus a bunch of other personalities. It's sort of a symbolic throwing-down-of-the-gauntlet in the radio arena for Motorola iRadio.

A quick thought, Motorola may also want to consider bringing aboard 5-10 top podcasters whose casts are currently available in iTunes. It could be a great way to both educate the podcast-consuming public of iRadio's existence, as well as generate a lot of buzz (among podcasters most of all - bloggers and podcasters love any news that validates their mediums... :) ). Easy press, baby.

I'll post more information about the announcement as soon as I have it, as well the results of the DEMX awards.

Stay tuned...

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