Motorola iRadio's Dave Ulmer on VH1

iRadio filmed by VH1 at MPLSo, here's a little randomness to spice up your morning. Recognize the folks in the picture?

Why, it's Dave Ulmer, director of marketing for Motorola Media Solutions, being interviewed by (and given a ride by) Aamer Haleem, the host of VH1's Top Twenty Countdown.

According to a source close to the iRadio team, VH1 stopped by the Music Player Live! event to get the skinny on iRadio. Some new product info will be revealed during the show this weekend -- I will be sure to tune in to pass on a full report.

Note the official Motorola iRadio-mobile -- it doesn't look anything like the iRadio Hummer they haul about for most demos. Ah well. From the pic, I can only assume the latest iRadio gear is in Ulmer's palm (photo below), though it's a little too blurry to make out well.

Motorola iRadio Filmed by VH1 at MPL-3

iRadio filmed by VH1 at MPL

UPDATE: The interview was finally aired a couple days ago.

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