Motorola Razr: Motorola Profits Tripled

The Motorola Razr is tearing up the mobile space.

Motorola profits more than tripled in the third quarter of 2005, mostly due to the spectacular performance of the ultra-sleek ‘n’ sheek Motorola Razr. The exact tally? Try a profit of $1.75 billion in the third quarter of 2005, compared with $479 million in the same quarter of last year. Wow. (That represents an increase from 20 cents per share to 69 cents per share, for all you Motorola stock holders)

Mind you, this is in the face of a disappointing start for the Motorola Rokr. However, CEO Ed Zander qualified the disappointment, pointing out that the phone exceeded their expectations by selling 250,000 units in the first month.

The Razr;’s success will help establish a strong foothold within consumers’ mindshare, which in turn will help Motorola iRadio launch to an attentive audience.

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