Motorola, Yahoo, and Pepsi Launch Funky Site

Motorola, Yahoo! Music, and PepsiCo launched an entertainment site called Cool Tones & Motorola Phones.  While Mariah Carey, the All American Rejects, and Mary J. Blige croon in the background, users can check out a ringtone store, a wierd robot game, a motorola phone collage, or just stare at one of the sections that are "Coming Soon" (including IMV download, the ability to stick your mug in a ringtone video, etc etc).

I tried the robot game out -- see the screenshot below?  That's me, the ROKR robot on the left, opening a can of whoopass on the RAZR on the right.  (Hey, I used to play Street Fighter II.  Don't mess with me.)

Motorola Robot Dance Battle

Cheesy, fun, a tad buggy, but amusing overall.  For those of you who've got phone-on-the-brain, here's that collage I mentioned:

Motorola phone collage 

...Nice...but...look, is an iRadio-enabled ROKR E2 too much to ask for?  :)

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