March 22, 2006

Motorola Serves Up Fruity PEBLs For Breakfast

Fruity PEBLsRecognizing that teeny-boppers and teeny-bopper wanna-bes enjoy personalizing their phones, Motorola recently decided to look beyond 'Darth Vader black' for its PEBL phone, and is now offering an assortment of "Fruity PEBLs" to choose from.  (Uh-oh, watch out for Barney as he tries to trick Fred...nevermind, a cereal reference)  They even wrote a press release about the phones, which should be available by Q2 2006.

Now they'll have to re-do the PEBL commet commercial with different colored commets... 

February 21, 2006

The First iRadio Phones - A Mystery Extravaganza

With iRadio scheduled to launch by the end of Q1, and the ROKR E2 only launching in mid 2006, what will be the first iRadio phones?  I don’t have a definite answer, but have been able to collect a series of cryptic hints pieced together from insider tips.  (Hey, it’s better than nothing...)  Put on your Sherlock Holmes caps, and deduct away…

Mystery Phone #1:  It’s a bluetooth, clamshell phone, that’s razor-thin, and runs iTunes… (hm…perhaps the PEBL? ...just kidding... :)

Mystery Phone #2:  This phone was at CES 2006, in the iRadio booth on the opposite side of the wall that the RAZR and ROKR E2 phones were displayed on.  (I wasn’t there, but if you were and know the phone, drop me a line!)

Mystery Phone #3:  This phone closely resembles the phone nicknamed “ROKR E3,” seen herehere, and possibly here (?).  Apparently, this phone was present at CES, and will be iRadio enabled.

There you have it.  There may be more.  Any speculations?

February 06, 2006

Play Motorola PEBL SuperBowl Ad

UPDATE:  I removed the iFilm SuperBowl ad "plugins" because they weren't working properly.  Besides slowing down the site, only audio was coming through, no video.  AOL is streaming all of the 2006 SuperBowl Ads here, and iFilm is doing the same here, in case you're interested.


I found a copy of the Motorola PEBL SuperBowl Ad -- enjoy!

Motorola PEBL SuperBowl Ad

(Thanks to iFilm for making all of the SuperBowl Ads available)

Motorola PEBL SuperBowl Ad

Did anyone see the PEBL SuperBowl ad?  Not too shabby.  If you mised it, a meteor crashes into earth, is eroded by elements over time, is lost at sea, then found one day on a beach, having taken the shape of the new Motorola PEBL.  Visually appealing, tells a story, good stuff.

I also enjoyed the commercials for (monkey office), ESPN Mobile (sports stuff surrounding the mobile user), and Fedex (caveman delivery etc).

I was definitely rooting for Pittsburgh, having spent a couple years there for grad school.  Great game!

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