ARCHIVE: Motorola Share

January 10, 2006

Motorola Launches Motorola Share With Avvenu

Motorola continues to add “sticky” features that will make their phones more attractive to users.  At CES last week, Motorola announced the launch of Motorola Share in partnership with Avvenu, a photo storage and sharing service available on a number of web-enabled mobile phones, including the RAZR, ROKR, and V557.

Motorola Share features:
* Users can view images stored on their computer
* Users can send email via mobile to friends with a link to any image
* Users can view low/high res images; images are automatically scaled to fit screen
* Load time and storage space is conserved, since images sit on computer

It’s a nice feature.  Combined with Motorola iRadio, Motorola phones are on their way to becoming media control centers.  It’s a smart move to provide value-added services that iPods cannot currently offer.  It’s that whole “seamless mobility” thing.  Network, network, network.

An aside, RussellBeattie compared the three remote-access services of Avvenu, Orb, and SoonR, and concluded that Avvvenu was by far the best.  Sounds like a good partnership choice by MOTO.

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