New iRadio Waves Features, Links, and APIs

iRadio Waves has finally been updated, with minimal explosions prior to going live.  When you get a chance, poke around and let me know what you think.  New stuff includes:

  • Links. To great blogs, related sites, friend sites, etc.
  • Photos. Pics.  If you have any photos from conferences, demos, of new gear, Motorola or otherwise, that you'd be willing to share, let me know!
  • Google ads. If you see something interesting, feel free to check it out.  As often as you like.  I need to pay for webhosting somehow.  ;)
  • eBay auction alerts. See what Motorola phones are about to be sold...and snag one.
  • Stock quote graph. Shows how MOT's stock is doing each day.  (Not well, yesterday.)
  • iRadio buzz index. Displays the number of times "iRadio" was blogged about over 30 days.  (Unfortunately, Technorati didn't do a great job of creating an plugin that fits well into common blog sidebars.  But hey, it's free, and it's amusing.)
So what do you think?  Any thoughts, suggestions?  Comment here or email me directly with any thoughts you have.  Cheers!

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