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May 18, 2006

Motorola, Yahoo, and Pepsi Launch Funky Site

Motorola, Yahoo! Music, and PepsiCo launched an entertainment site called Cool Tones & Motorola Phones.  While Mariah Carey, the All American Rejects, and Mary J. Blige croon in the background, users can check out a ringtone store, a wierd robot game, a motorola phone collage, or just stare at one of the sections that are "Coming Soon" (including IMV download, the ability to stick your mug in a ringtone video, etc etc).

I tried the robot game out -- see the screenshot below?  That's me, the ROKR robot on the left, opening a can of whoopass on the RAZR on the right.  (Hey, I used to play Street Fighter II.  Don't mess with me.)

Motorola Robot Dance Battle

Cheesy, fun, a tad buggy, but amusing overall.  For those of you who've got phone-on-the-brain, here's that collage I mentioned:

Motorola phone collage 

...Nice...but...look, is an iRadio-enabled ROKR E2 too much to ask for?  :)

April 25, 2006

Motorola Launches StudioMOTO, Mobile Video Remixer

This is actually pretty cool.  StudioMOTO, which launched yesterday, looks like Motorola's attempt to connect directly with the youth market by offering a cool, free, music-focused, entertainment portal. StudioMOTO includes two remixing applications that enable the creation of videos and animations using pre-selected content:

MOTORemix allows users to remix video clips from bands including Bang Sugar Bang, Dave The Hustler, Paco, and The 88, and save them to a GSM phone or email them to friends.  The interface is all drag-n-drop.  Here's a screenshot:

MOTO Remix for videos

MOTOGraph enables users to remix break beats, text, symbols, and animations into a single video clips.  The clip can then be shared with friends via email or saved to a GSM phone.  Here's a screenshot:

MOTO Graph for animations and ringtones


This is probably part of Motorola's push to generate additional brand awareness and and further differentiate the services it provides.  StudioMOTO includes a "MOTO Products" section to introduce new gear to consumers, and an "Inside Music section, which is basically a news feed taken from Rolling Stone. 

How will iRadio be integrated with or advertised through StudioMOTO when it launches, they're both targeting two very different customer segments, youth customer vs. early adopting gadget fan...

April 24, 2006

Motorola to Replace Ringtones With Electric Shocks

Ok, not exactly.  But someone at Motorola believes vibrating rings are not quite silent enough, and that a less acoustically obtrusive means of alerting cell phone users of rings is necessary.

The solution:  apply mild electrical shocks to users.

Methinks this new "silent" ring may very well create not-so-silent reactions in the users, if the shock is substantial enough.  Personally, it's not an option I would select, no matter how courteous I'm trying to be.  When a scenario demands silence, I just turn my phone off.

Wouldn't a lightweight wristband that generates heat/light/vibration, or something similar, be a more pleasant option?  What would Apple do (WWAD)?

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