March 04, 2006

ROKR E3 Prototype Photos -- What About ROKR E2?

You know hype is getting a little out of control when all the recent rave revolves around a product prototype whose predecessor has yet to be released.  In any case, Engadget scored a few first hand pics of the ROKR E3 yesterday, which includes a faux iPod-like music wheel, and a few other features:

Tentative ROKR E3 Features (Official Specs not available):

  • 512MB of internal memory
  • Bluetooth
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • TransFlash memory card slot
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Multimedia software (not iTunes -- perhaps iRadio?)

Veeery interesting.  But let's not forget about the ROKR E2, which should be out in mid 2006...

February 15, 2006 For Sale

Hey look, is for sale.,, and are all being used.  Watch for a bidding war between Motorola and Apple.  :)

January 16, 2006

New iRadio Waves Banner

I was finally able to upload a new iRadio Waves banner, hooray, and will be updating further over the next month. I may add a 3rd column for resource links to Motorola, iRadio, and the Get Heard Network, as well as an About page and a mobile music service comparison page...

What would you like to see?  Needs?  Suggestions?  Let me know what you think!

January 10, 2006

Motorola Launches Motorola Share With Avvenu

Motorola continues to add “sticky” features that will make their phones more attractive to users.  At CES last week, Motorola announced the launch of Motorola Share in partnership with Avvenu, a photo storage and sharing service available on a number of web-enabled mobile phones, including the RAZR, ROKR, and V557.

Motorola Share features:
* Users can view images stored on their computer
* Users can send email via mobile to friends with a link to any image
* Users can view low/high res images; images are automatically scaled to fit screen
* Load time and storage space is conserved, since images sit on computer

It’s a nice feature.  Combined with Motorola iRadio, Motorola phones are on their way to becoming media control centers.  It’s a smart move to provide value-added services that iPods cannot currently offer.  It’s that whole “seamless mobility” thing.  Network, network, network.

An aside, RussellBeattie compared the three remote-access services of Avvenu, Orb, and SoonR, and concluded that Avvvenu was by far the best.  Sounds like a good partnership choice by MOTO.

Related News:

Silicon Beat:  "Avvenu snags funding for new file-sharing idea"

B Cell Phones:  "Motorola and Avvenu announce new mogile service for Image Sharing on the go"


January 09, 2006

Photos of ROKR E2

Several bloggers were able to snap up pics of the ROKR E2:

MobileBurn:  Live Photos of Motorola's ROKR E2

Engadget:  Hands-On with the Motorola ROKR E2

Palm Addict:  Motorola ROKR E2 Hands On at CES 2006

Motorola Press Release:  Motorola ROKR E2

Do you have any pics to share from CES 2006?  Let me know...

January 06, 2006

iRadio CNBC Feature Moved to Today

Apparently, the iRadio feature on CNBC was moved to today at 12:00 ET.  Motorola's CEO, Ed Zander, will be showing off iRadio on a ROKR E2.  (However, I still don't see Motorola on the Power Lunch guest list for today...perhaps just a mishap?)

January 04, 2006

MOTO ROKR E2 - More Details

The Motorola ROKR E2, the first iRadio phone, was recently unveiled.  The specs seem to change slightly every time I see them (note the specs I published from Apple Insider yesterday), however, this new list is now the latest.  Check out the features:


  • Removable SD card
  • FM radio with 30 presets
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 262k color TFT QVGA (240x320) resolution
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video capture
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Linux-based operating system (No iTunes!)
  • Store up to 500 songs, manage playlists
  • Dedicated music keys (play/pause, skip, hold)
  • Bluetooth audio connection
  • “Airplane Mode” (safely listen on planes)
  • SCREEN3 technology

The ROKR E2 will be available in the first half of 2006...leaving plenty of time for Motorola to change the specs yet again.  :)

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