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March 15, 2006

XM Is No Longer 100% Commercial Free

XM Satellite Radio and Clear Channel had been locked in arbitration for some time on the issue: XM wanted to stay commercial-free, while Clear Channel, one of XM's investors, demanded that commercials be inserted into its four shows on XM:  Sunny, KISS, MIX, and Nashville.  The arbitration panel recently sided with Clear Channnel.

The community backlash has been huge.  In response, XM smartly decided to add four new, commercial-free channels, to offset (and compete with?) the sponsored ones.

I hope (and believe it is the case) that any Clear Channel content on iRadio will be commercial-free.  Keeping iRadio ad-free will be important for "commercial free" bragging rights and for positioning against terrestrial radio.  Either way, iRadio's huge number of stations (over 600) will certainly be a nice selling point.

January 30, 2006

Samsumg Blade vs. Motorola RAZR

David Pogue of the NY Times wrote a nice (and somewhat humorous) article comparing the RAZR and the Blade.  In summary, though the Blade is a physical knockoff of the more elegant RAZR, the RAZR's software is cloogy in comparison.

Excellent UI is key to making music devices sticky.  (see any iPod)  Motorola’s challenge with iRadio is that it has to work on any portable device with any configuration of buttons.  The iRadio team will need to invest serious resources into software design and GUI (graphic user interface) if they want to hit a homerun.

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