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May 19, 2006

Mobile Music Services Overpriced 85%

It's official.  Mobile music services are overpriced by up to 85%, according to Strategy Analytics.  In summary, the Sprint Mobile Music Store is better than Verizon's V Cast service, but both cost too much.  Where will iRadio fit in the scenario?

(via MocoNews, via Mobile Analyst Watch)

November 01, 2005

Sprint Launches Power Vision and Music Store

Big news in the mobile music space. Sprint launched its EV-DO service, Power Vision, yesterday.

One big piece of Power Vision is the Sprint Music Store, the first over-the-air music download service in the United States. Though Verizon and Cingular already offer music phones, neither carrier lets users download music over the wireless network. Currently, the Sanyo MM-9000 and Samsung MM-A940 offer the service.

Pretty huge. It will be interesting to see how Motorola iRadio leverages its features in a market that's sure to include a number of mobile music options by year's end...

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