The Motorola MING Dynasty Rises

Motorola MING (formerly A1200)Motorola's (excuse me, MOTO's) 4-letter naming scheme is catching on globally.  The Motorola A1200, a smart phone being released in China, was recently renamed the Motorola MING. Here's the reasoning from Terrance Ma in the MING press release:

"The name MING was chosen to resonate more deeply with people in Hong kong than a traditional model name or number can," said Terence Ma, director of sales, Mobile Devices Business, Motorola Hong Kong. "Like the design and usability of the phone itself, MING will help bring our smart phones into entirely new market segments."

Personally, it's a far more interesting approach.  Unless you're closely involved in the industry in some way, alphanumeric digits don't mean squat to most people, especially consumers.

The Motorola MING targets business folk with several cool features, including:

  • Clamshell phone with transparent cover
  • Uses Linux software
  • Antenna-free
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Business card scanner with optical-character recognition software
  • Speakerphone
  • Document viewer
  • POP3 e-mail
  • Calendar, task list, and contact manager
  • Music player
  • FM-Stereo radio receiver
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology

It'll hit Hong Kong quite soon, apparently.  LinuxDevices presents a few interesting pics of the phone taken apart here, in case you're curious.  I'm not sure if the phone will be iRadio compatible...I'm assuming not, at least initially.

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