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May 19, 2006

Mobile Music Services Overpriced 85%

It's official.  Mobile music services are overpriced by up to 85%, according to Strategy Analytics.  In summary, the Sprint Mobile Music Store is better than Verizon's V Cast service, but both cost too much.  Where will iRadio fit in the scenario?

(via MocoNews, via Mobile Analyst Watch)

February 23, 2006

Interview With Ted Casey: Verizon V Cast Music Store

Jim Welte of interviewed Ted Casey, the head of mobile music at Verizon, about the V Cast Music Store.  The interview reads a bit like a V Cast marketing brochure, despite Jim’s efforts to probe for comparisons with iRadio, Amp’d, XM, and Sirius.  Still, it’s an interesting read, which can be found here.  Ted’s main value pitch revolved around the convenience of a converged device, the immediacy of direct music downloads, and a “360-degree music experience” (previews, artist alerts, true tones, ring tones, etc). 

I still find myself more interested in what iRadio plans to offer.  With Q2 approaching, will we be seeing the first iRadio phone soon?

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